Meet Rev. Ann Marie

Rev Ann Marie Beale & Husband Michael

Rev. Ann Marie Beale & Husband Michael

Hi! I am Rev. Ann Marie Beale


This is my story…

It is such a joy to be the minister of Unity Church of the Cumberlands. My call to ministry came through a series of experiences culminating with a spontaneous healing miracle. From the age of 10, I was in and out of a series of remissions with cancer. I prayed and made a deal with God, “If you’ll just let me live to be 30….” I thought 30 was so old, and who would want to live longer than that anyway?!

Be careful what you pray for…

At the age of 30, I ended up in intensive care and was on a respirator with no chance for survival. Every organ was shutting down and my lungs were brittle, virtually destroyed. A family member came and urged me to let go and let God,” something that I had always encouraged others to do. I was unable to speak with all the tubes in me, but I nodded my head in agreement.

I surrendered.

The next morning, which happened to be Good Friday, the doctors came in and found me totally healed. The cancer was gone, all my organs were functioning and my lungs had regenerated themselves.  However, even greater than the physical healing I experienced was the inner fire in me that propelled me on a quest for Spiritual Truth.  After seeking and searching through many of the philosophies of the world, my search led me to Unity where I found a belief system that is all inclusive, honors the sacredness of all spiritual paths and recognizes the Divinity within all of us.  Years later, I followed my path into ministry.


Join me Sundays at 11 AM for an experience of Positive, Practical Christianity!